Fantastic service given to my elderly mother. Michelle offered free Travel tips and a detailed plan so she felt more confident travelling by herself. It was very comforting and a huge time saver for her family also.
Candice Van Diepen
Michelle has been a wonderful agent to deal with. I was offered several excellent vacation options all competitively priced. Correspondence is always prompt in return any questions or concerns. There was not one concern that was left not un-addressed. Thank you very much….!!!!!!!!
Rob Fekete
We had a perfect vacation thanks to Michelle's hard work and patience! We plan to contact her for our future travel plans and highly recommend her!
Kelly Diane
Michelle has booked several trips for my husband and me consisting of a California Coastal cruise, a mid-week getaway to Quebec City plus round trip train transfers, airfare to Portugal and much more. She is dedicated, articulate, professional and knowledgeable. She has registered us for travel points to save us money, suggested side trips and made reservations at restaurants and attractions we didn't know existed. She is extremely helpful. I will NEVER book a trip without her again! Her expert advice and research have saved us hundreds of dollars and countless hours. She is my go-to travel angel. Thanks Michelle!
Barb Dwyer
Michelle was amazing!!! She was patient will all of our questions and indecision, made things happen when they needed to and ultimately got us to an amazing resort where we had the best vacation ever. Thanks for everything Michelle!
Michelle Kost-Weir
Michelle Whalen has been beyond amazing in booking my trip, correcting my mistake, and being there at all times to answer questions. Due to a family situation, we weren't sure if we would be able to go on the trip; Michelle was there to help me figure out our trip insurance, etc. She has checked in with me on a regular basis to make sure Jason and I were doing okay. I've yet to meet Michelle, but I've come to consider her a friend. I look forward to taking her out for a well-deserved glass of wine (or several) when we get back.
Lisa Dibsdale
Michelle has convinced me that Travel Agents are a must-have for any sort of destination travel. She consistently showed her dedication to the art of easy travel with every step. She would have any problems solved well before we even knew of it. She made the whole travel experience with her more than pleasant and reassuring from start to finish.
Ryan Farr
First class and prompt. If Michelle doesn't know the answer, she doggedly tracks it down. Michelle is passionate about providing the best service possible to her clients. 
Greg Clark
Michelle is absolutely the best! Not only professionally but as an individual! We have travelled often but had never used an agent prior to this year - wish I would have met her years ago!!! She takes all the stress away when trying to decide on where to go, is always one step ahead on your needs and wants & truly makes your vacation experience exceed exceptions. I highly recommend Michelle Whalen for all your travel needs!!!

Amber Flight
Michelle is the best travel agent ever and I am not exaggerating in the slightest! I have been travelling for over 30 years and have dealt with many travel agents and Michelle blows them all out of the water. She listens to what you want and what type of budget you have and then finds a vacation suited to you. She goes out of her way to offer suggestions for anything she thinks might be helpful like tours.

On my last trip, I had a last-minute issue and she dealt with it quickly and professionally. I never have to worry about having problems either before I travel or during my trip. It gives me a wonderful peace of mind which is important to me. I could go on for hours describing the many reasons you should try Michelle. She really is awesome! 

Having travelled quite extensively over the past 20 years, visiting over sixty countries, I have discovered the true value of a good travel agent. I have employed several, but none compare to the quality and dedication of Michelle. Her enthusiasm to support and assist me in my adventures has meant that I have been able to experience much more than I ever dreamed of doing. I heartily recommend her to any who wish to travel and see the world. 
Mike W
I have been using Michelle Whalen to organize my vacations since 2016, and being organized is a complete understatement. Michelle always ensures that every aspect of my trip is carefully planned out, down to the itinerary (available both online and offline) and bed size in our rooms. Her recommendations for destinations are excellent, and she is extremely patient when I am being picky about the details. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking to ensure a 5-star experience when planning a vacation from start to finish. 
Lauren Stafford
As an entrepreneur and businessman time is scarce and therefore the professionals I work with are those that must be extremely trustworthy and must be able to carefully take a project from A-Z with care. I certainly consider Michelle one of these trusted professionals in her field as she always manages to exceed my expectations. Working with Michelle guarantees a flawless planning process whereby I have learned from many past travel experiences that I can completely rely on Michelle to run everything smoothly without having to fret about the details. 
This trust in Michelle now means that for my family we don’t need to involve our selves in the process if we don't have the time which is a huge relief for us. Michelle books the flights, the hotels, the excursions, and everything in between, with lots of excellent suggestions to make our travel experience the best it can be. The trips are always a great experience and also great value, because I like going on vacation but I don't like to overspend. I definitely recommend Michelle to all my family and friends as a travel agent, she is absolutely fantastic.

Andrew White

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